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It all started with a Surprise party and a youtube video.

As far back as I can remember, I've always had a knack for arts & crafts. Throughout my school years I earned awards, maintained my Art class grade as an "A", and was even asked to be in the National Honors Society for Art. I never really knew what path I wanted to take creatively, but I knew creating was going to be somehow incorporated into my career as an adult. Fast forward to September 2018, my sister was turning 23 and I wanted to surprise her for birthday. After hours of scrolling through Pinterest and Google Images, I couldn't find anything that caught my eye in terms of party decor. Until, I came across a Youtube tutorial for a "balloon garland."

circa sept 2018

circa sept 2018

The tutorial called for cardboard, balloons, & LOTS of duct tape (sounds crazy, I know). I poked holes and filled balloons by mouth for about 3 hours and ended up with...that. Yep. That was my first ever "balloon garland." I will say that I was very proud of it. And apparently so were a bunch of other people! I got a few inquiries from family and friends after posting the balloons, and charged thirty bucks or so. My daughter's first birthday rolled around (April 2019) and I created some garlands for that. Soon after her birthday BOOM- Pop of Art was born.

Blood, sweat, & (many) tears have gone into my small business, but I wouldn't have it any other way! I love creating beautiful statement pieces for parties, and I love putting smiles on my clients faces.


We are a team of 3 (& counting) hard working perfectionists that aim to design eye-catching balloon structures based in Danvers, MA. Now that you know a little bit more about the origin of Pop of Art, LLC, get in touch! Besides, what's a party without balloons?

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